Valuation Solutions

mba provides a wide range of valuation services to improve your business decisions. Tangible Asset Valuations Led by ISTAT Certified Appraisers with decades of industry experience, mba’s Valuation Team has earned its reputation as a world leader in asset valuations...

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Analytical Solutions

Airlines & Lessors : Recognized as a premier aviation consulting firm, mba brings over 150 years of combined industry experience to public and private clientele worldwide. With backgrounds including former airline executives, FAA staff, business valuation experts, route schedulers, slot...

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Asset Management Solutions

mba’s Asset Management Team is comprised of seasoned aviation professionals encompassing years of experience within flight operations, engineering and maintenance, as well as finance. Leveraging their experience, mba is able to form specialized and interdisciplinary teams to provide customized solutions...

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Safety & Compliance Solutions

mba is a trusted and independent auditing firm, fully prepared to guide you through the Audit and Corrective Action process. mba understands the dynamic world air carriers operate in, and stands ready to assist by actively keeping abreast of changes...

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