Asset Valuation

Led by ISTAT Certified Appraisers, mba’s Valuation Team has earned its reputation as a world leader in asset valuations for a variety of clients, both public and private. mba’s expertise ranges from commercial aircraft, engines, helicopters, spare parts, corporate jets and more.

mba provides over 5,000 valuations annually for more than 200 clients with a focus on a variety of asset classes including but not limited to:

  • Commercial Aircraft
  • Freighter Aircraft (factory and P2Fs)
  • Business Jets
  • Engines
  • Spare Parts
  • Helicopters
  • Simulators
  • Military / Special Purpose Aircraft

Fixed Wing & Engines

Working alongside lessors, airlines, financial institutions, manufacturers, and private investors, mba’s team is equipped to provide a variety of valuation solutions adhering to ISTAT’s definitions and code of ethics. A sample of these solutions includes EETC and ABS transactions, quarterly or semi-annual fleet portfolio valuations, VIP configuration and conversion costs, part-out values, and calculation of a damaged asset’s long-term value impact. In addition to appraisals, each quarter, the team publishes value updates for the Current Base and Market Values of 120+ widebody, narrowbody, regional, and turboprop aircraft, with engines receiving semi-annual market value updates. These widely trusted values are the base of every appraisal conducted by mba.


Given the nature of the aviation industry, mba has reviewed numerous leases for LCCs, legacy carriers, startups, charter airlines, and other operators worldwide. Clients in the market to purchase lease encumbered portfolios value mba’s lease review and analysis solution, which compares each lease term to industry standard practice. mba’s team provides a report including detailed outcomes of a comparison of lease rates, return conditions, and cash compensation.

Spare Parts

Used as collateral or for auditing purposes, mba is regularly requested to perform on-site inspections and valuations of spare parts for airlines, MROs, lessors, OEMs and financiers.  Using real-time data and trades, mba is able to provide the most up to date valuation on a dynamic asset group

Rotor Wing

Capitalizing on its in-house helicopter experts, mba provides physical inspections and appraisals on a variety of helicopter classes, with a strong focus on Off-Shore, SAR, Utility, and Tourism. Considering green costs, conversion costs, and possible distressed market situations, mba’s team prepares a comprehensive analysis of the market and the value of the asset. mba publishes semi-annual value updates for the 15 most commonly traded light, medium, super medium, and heavy helicopters in a variety of configurations.

Intangible Assets

Intangible assets require a unique set of skills and financial acumen to properly value by today’s complex standards. mba is a world leader in intangible asset valuation and is known for valuing the international routes and slots of the world’s largest airlines. While mba specializes in the valuation of routes, slots, and gates, the firm also performs valuations of frequent flyer programs and intellectual properties such as trademarks, patents, and brand names.

The analysis of these types of assets can be difficult and dependent on available data and market conditions. Whether fulfilling requirements for financing, a potential sale, or financial reporting purposes, mba’s Team has the knowledge and expertise desired to complete these valuations.

Frequently Performed Intangible Asset Valuations

  • International Routes
  • Landing & Departure Slots
  • Intellectual Property
  • Stock-Based Compensation
  • Contracts
  • Frequent Flyer Programs

Business Valuations

  • Enterprise
  • Stock-Based Compensation Valuation
  • Business Acquisition Valuation: Purchase Price Allocation & Goodwill Impairment