Forecasting & Modeling

Forecasting and modeling event cost, profit and timing requires industry insight in order to align projections with actual practices.  mba has developed forecasting models based on experience and ongoing interactions with investors, operators, manufacturers and suppliers.  mba provides forecasts to clients with a range of needs; from investments to loan collateral.

Maintenance Modeling

mba has significant experience in aircraft maintenance, including maintenance scheduling, maintenance costs, and maintenance modeling. Specifically, mba has been involved in a majority of the major airline bankruptcies during the past decade, and has provided maintenance analysis and oversight on a number of aircraft coming out of these bankruptcies. With over 30 aircraft currently under mba’s asset management group, mba is actively involved in maintenance planning for active aircraft. In addition to physical oversight, mba is experienced in maintenance modeling for ABS deals and private transactions for both aircraft lessors and investors.

With mba’s proprietary maintenance model, mba is able to quickly and accurately forecast maintenance timing and costs for individual assets and entire fleets or portfolios. Using internal data for maintenance intervals, costs and downtime, mba assesses weaknesses in maintenance scheduling and identifies periods of large expenses coming due through forecasted utilization of the asset.

mba’s experience in modeling maintenance includes widebody aircraft, narrowbody aircraft, regional jet aircraft, turboprop aircraft, and engines. Whether forecasting until lease-end or an asset’s end of useful life, mba provides high quality maintenance forecasts that are upheld in the market.

Our Service

  • Proven & trusted values & methodology
  • Extensive experience in ABS, Portfolio transactions, and investor due diligence
  • Highly customizable proprietary model