Asset Management

mba provides tailored asset management services ranging from periodic asset inspection and reporting, to full service management of assets on lease “mba FleetWatch”, including monthly oversight of utilization and maintenance, as well as rental and maintenance reserve accounting. mba’s asset management services are directly geared to maintaining asset value.  Direct interface with our technical organization allows for seamless execution of aircraft acceptance, delivery and redelivery.  Asset management services are managed from our Washington DC Headquarters and Dublin, Ireland, providing easy access to the worlds aircraft leasing capital.


Asset Management is a multi-disciplined endeavor, encompassing elements from mba’s core range of services: Asset Management, Technical, Asset Valuation, and Financial Modeling.  mba is uniquely positioned to offer expertise in each of these disciplines through a well-integrated organization consisting of experienced technical managers, technical representatives and financial modeling analysts.

Lease Considerations

For both new and novated leases, mba conducts a systematic evaluation of the aircraft lease to determine adequacy of protection, and projected cash flow for the aircraft lessor.  Specialist groups within the Company coordinate the examination and analysis of lease documents to include the following aspects:

  • Aircraft maintenance and operational requirements
  • End of lease redelivery requirements
  • End of lease financial adjustments
  • Protection mechanisms in the event of default
  • Cash flow modeling over the lease term in conjunction with asset residual value projection

Account Management

mba fosters a cooperative and professional relationship with key technical and accounting personnel within each airline in order to facilitate the efficient exchange of data relating to asset utilization, maintenance oversight, calculation of basic and supplemental rent.  A sophisticated asset management platform is employed to manage the lease particulars of each aircraft under management.

Ongoing Oversight

To maintain asset value, and to ensure lease requirements pertaining to aircraft maintenance are being fulfilled consistently, mba provides periodic on-lease inspection of aircraft, including collection and transfer of updated technical records. On-lease asset inspection is performed as prescribed in each aircraft lease agreement. Where possible, inspection activity is scheduled to take place in conjunction with planned aircraft maintenance. mba maintains a dedicated team of qualified aircraft inspectors globally to provide efficient access to each Operator’s maintenance facility.

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