Celebrating 30 Years of Aviation Excellence

Since its founding in 1992, mba has established itself as a leading advisor to financial institutions, airlines, lessors, and government agencies worldwide.  mba carefully isolates itself from any conflict of interest, real or perceived.  It is important to remain truly independent.  As such, mba has developed a reputation as trusted advisors to the industry’s leading decision makers, offering each client expertise, integrity, and quality.

Morten Beyer and Agnew was founded in 1992 by the joining of two bright minds in aviation, Morten Beyer and Bob Agnew with the aim of providing an accurate and trustworthy view of aircraft values to the aviation finance industry.  Although the company is rooted in asset valuation, the firm quickly expanded into other areas where the founder’s broad aviation background and skills could be applied, including airline route development, intangible asset valuation, technical advisory, and aviation safety oversight services.

Although the company has always been known as mba, it officially rebranded in 2020 to mba Aviation while retaining the core services and values that helped to make it a success.  Today the firm is a leading provider of aircraft valuations, route slot and gate valuations, maintenance cash flow forecasting, airline consulting, technical services and safety auditing, in addition to being a leading independent asset manager.

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