Morten Beyer

Morten Beyer worked within the aviation industry for over 60 years.  In his early career, Morten was a senior manager at several airlines, including Trans World Airlines, Modern Air Transport, and Capitol Airways.  He later became the President of John Flying Service, now Evergreen International Airlines – a global air-cargo transportation company.  Morten established Avmark, an airline marketing and management service, setting a standard for appraising used airplanes.  He also helped found the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading, one of the world’s most influential commercial aircraft organizations.  Morten’s autobiography, Flying Higher, published in 2009, details his adventure working within the aviation industry.

Bob Agnew

Bob Agnew,a graduate of Roanoke College in VA and postgraduate of the University of North Dakota, started his career in aviation as an Instructor Navigator and Officer serving in the United States Air Force Strategic Air Command.   After his service, he joined Northwest Airlines as their Director of Charter and Government Sales.  After more than a decade, he left Northwest Airlines to become the Senior Vice President for Marketing and Sales at World Airways.  In that role, Bob designed and implemented the airline’s entry into the international scheduled service market.  Shortly after, Bob Agnew and Morten Beyer, two industry leaders, came together to found Morten Beyer & Agnew, Inc.  Bob was considered a leader in the industry and came to be known by his gentle demeanor and his bow tie.