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Ups and Downs in the 2019 Air Cargo Market – Part I

In this edition of Morten Beyer & Agnew’s Insight Series, Anna Kopinski, mba’s Senior Associate of Asset Valuations, analyzes how the cargo market has fared in 2019, what aircraft are being used the most—and least—and how different metrics reveal divergent views on the state of the market. Later in this continuing series, she will assess the external factors which may influence the air cargo industry, such as US-China trade tensions.

British Airways and China Southern Airlines Expand Codeshare

British Airways and China Southern Airlines have made the decision to continue their existing codeshare arrangement and have signed a MoU for the expansion of the contract. The expanded agreement will provide passengers of both carriers with an increased range of frequent flyer benefits, in addition to access to new destinations. The main purpose behind […]

Boeing Marks 787th Delivery for its 787 Dreamliner

Aircraft manufacturer Boeing has announced its 787th delivery of the 787 Dreamliner, marking a new milestone for the company. The manufacturer delivered the aircraft to AerCap, who will lease it out to China Southern Airlines. The 787th delivery proves the reliability, efficiency, and capability of the aircraft, as shared by Kevin McAllister, President & Chief […]

Expansion of American Airlines and China Southern’s Codeshare

American Airlines and China Southern Airlines are deepening the ties of their existing partnership via new codeshare operations and an introduction of new frequent flyer benefits for passengers. The new alternatives available under the codeshare were announced on the 28th of November at an official ceremony held in Guangzhou, China. The new codeshare will be […]

Spring Airlines Takes in Shares in China Southern

Spring Airlines has officially become the fifth largest shareholder in China Southern Airlines. The carrier recently completed an A-share non-public deal transaction with the company worth $122.78 million, making Spring Airlines an important and dominant part of the company. The deal will contribute to the Chinese government’s appeal to companies for increased cooperation between private […]