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Ups and Downs in the 2019 Air Cargo Market – Part I

In this edition of Morten Beyer & Agnew’s Insight Series, Anna Kopinski, mba’s Senior Associate of Asset Valuations, analyzes how the cargo market has fared in 2019, what aircraft are being used the most—and least—and how different metrics reveal divergent views on the state of the market. Later in this continuing series, she will assess the external factors which may influence the air cargo industry, such as US-China trade tensions.

Emirates Group Releases 2018-19 Half-Year Report

Emirates Group has announced its financial and operational performance for 2018’s half-year period, showing revenue growth. During the half-year time period of 2018-19, the company reported a jump in revenue by 10%, reaching AED 54.4 billion. However, profits dropped by a substantial 53%, lowering to AED 1.1 billion. The large difference in profit was mainly […]