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REDBOOK Insight: Demand Increasing at Slot-Coordinated UK Airports

PDF Download Demand Increasing at Slot-Coordinated UK Airports Anne Correa, mba’s Director of Airline & Airport Services, explores how slot-coordinated airports in the United Kingdom manage their coveted assets and what airlines are willing to do to gain access. Landing and departure slots are some of the most important assets in the aviation industry. When […]

IATA Analysis Reveals European Travelers Enjoy Better Services Due to Slot Allocation 

The latest analysis and report commissioned by IATA and ACI reveal that European passengers actually enjoy better services and healthy airline competition in the last years. This is an evidence that the new system for allocating slots at the European airports works.   Alexandre de Juniac, IATA’s Director General and CEO, commented that:  “European consumers have greater choice and more […]

EasyJet Granted Slots at Frankfurt International Airport

Fraport Chief Executive Stefan Schulte announced that London-based easyJet was awarded slots at Frankfurt International airport. The allocation is confirmed, however, it is unclear whether or when the low-cost carrier will start using the slots. It is expected easyJet is to become the third low-cost carrier, after Wizz Air and Ryanair, to launch flights from […]