Partnerships / Integrations

Partnerships / Integrations

mba collaborates with to bring REDBOOK users key news stories about airline routes, airport service planning, and passenger traffic trends.

Stay up to date about the airline industry with daily news featured on the REDBOOK homepage in partnership with Aviator.


REDBOOK subscribers can explore the current market availability of an aircraft model of interest using data from MyAirTrade. These sortable listings of for-sale aircraft allow users to study market trends and predict forthcoming transactions.



The REDBOOK mobile app lets you conveniently access the data you need from your mobile devices.

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Aircraft & Engines Values

Access asset values on the go without opening a single browser. View current market, base & future values at half-life, full-life & in a soft market.

Portfolio Access

Create customized portfolios and easily add new assets from the detailed values module. Save aircraft values for future reference.

mba Differences

Industry trusted values backed by mba’s professional team & five ISTAT Certified Appraisers. REDBOOK’s values have been used by top industry experts and companies for 25 years.

Redbook Support Team

REDBOOK’s user-friendly interface and advanced features are built in response to subscriber feedback. Use the app’s chat feature to start a conversation directly with a member of our team about any issues, questions or feedback.

Support / FAQs

Support / FAQ

If you are an existing REDBOOK customer you can easily contact the mba team directly within the platform for technical assistance.

Yes – We offer a free one week trial of REDBOOK so you can give it a test flight before you purchase a subscription. To get your complimentary REDBOOK trial for access to aircraft values, engine values, global aircraft fleet data, daily news, expert analysis, and more click here.

Yes – One of our mba REDBOOK experts can set up a demo to walk you through the system and explain it’s features. To request a demo click here.

The cost of REDBOOK is based on the number of users that need access to the system and therefore the prices may vary from organization to organization. To speak to a REDBOOK sales representative about pricing options contact us.

REDBOOK is updated daily to ensure the information we provide reflects the most current industry standards.