Platform Overview

Platform Overview

Innovative & Advanced Platform

mba launched REDBOOK to provide users with subscription-based access to our trusted commercial aircraft values data. Our platform offers a sophisticated user interface and a deep dataset exceeding two decades.

Our range of modules help subscribers to access timely and valuable data about their aviation assets. REDBOOK is the most user-friendly and cost-effective aircraft valuation and fleet data tool in the industry.

Experience the mba Difference

mba’s relationships throughout the aviation industry drive our business forward. Our expert analysts and ISTAT-certified appraisal team power the insights available within REDBOOK. Our subscriber relations team prioritizes the needs of our clients via live personal chat features and frequent communication to all subscribers.

Invest with Confidence and Ease

REDBOOK helps subscribers find the values data, statistics and unique insights necessary to make smarter investments. Our easy-to-use platform will enhance your team’s forecasting and analysis of potential investments. REDBOOK gives leasing companies, airlines, financial institutions, manufacturers, private investors, and other aviation companies a better way to track and manage assets.

Utilize Advanced Valuation Features

For over 25 years, mba has provided trusted intelligence to the aviation industry by accurately forecasting asset values throughout their life-cycles. Our aircraft valuation platform is built around these aircraft and engine valuation features, and offers a range of tools to meet your firm’s data needs.

Commercial Aircraft Values

Commercial Aircraft Values

The REDBOOK platform’s core data: historical, current, and future values for all commercial aircraft updated every quarter.

Trusted Values

Access current market, base and future values at half-life, full-life and in a soft market for over 120 aircraft models.  View lease rates, historical values, and adjusted values according to aircraft characteristics and modifiers. Default values are based on a standard engine type and MTOW specification, but users can customize and make adjustments for one aircraft’s technical specifications, such as its year and month of build or the presence of winglets and in-flight entertainment. Subscribers can also modify the inflation rate to their preference. All this valuable data can be easily exported, graphed and compared against other aircraft values in order to make investment decisions easier.

News & Related Data

Detail pages for each aircraft model offer an array of valuable information. Find relevant news stories, aggregate statistics and operator information about each type of aircraft. mba provides a proprietary ranking for each model illuminating the aircraft’s tradability. The ranking combines pertinent categories rated on a scale out of 10.


REDBOOK contains detailed statistics sections for every aircraft model. Users get access to an overview of fleet statistics as well as aircraft count by engine type. This page also gives a map of active aircraft and their operators by geographic region. View timelines for orders and deliveries as well as the changes to values over time.

Advanced Search

Finding assets is easy with REDBOOK’s advanced search capabilities. Subscribers can search by model, manufacturer, or MSN. The platform’s search bar allows users to search for assets from any page within the platform.

Helicopter / Engines Values

Helicopter Values

REDBOOK contains values data for helicopters created by our team of expert appraisers.  Our coverage includes commercial models produced by Airbus Helicopters, Bell, Leonardo, and Sikorsky.

Engines Values

REDBOOK includes comprehensive data on aircraft engines values. The system matches an engine model to the commercial aircraft it powers, allowing users to understand assets thoroughly.  Subscribers can access current market values at half-life and full-life for over 75 popular engine models.

Our platform provides full statistics and operating information about each engine model.  Find details about engine EIS, thrust, fan diameter, fuel consumption, compressor stages and turbine stages.  Next, graph and compare these statistics with our data for similar engine models to make stronger investment decisions.

Portfolio Management & ABS / EETC Packages

Portfolio Management & ABS / EETC Packages

Manage aircraft assets easier and faster with the REDBOOK Portfolio module. Create an unlimited number of portfolios with multiple aircraft & engines assets. Portfolios show values updated quarterly.

The Portfolio module allows users to create batches of aircraft for further analysis.  By saving aircraft of interest to personal folders, users can return in future quarters to quickly access mba’s revised values data for those aircraft.  Assets may be added as individual aircraft by MSN, as a generic aircraft type of a particular vintage, or as a fleet with dozens of aircraft, using the Excel upload template.  Portfolios may be shared among REDBOOK users to speed up your team’s workflow.

Access turnkey Portfolios for all ABS and EETC deals prepared by the mba team.  Upon mba’s quarterly values updates, the half-time, full-life, soft value, and lease rate range data will update automatically.

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

REDBOOK empowers users to keep a closer watch on their aircraft of interest.  Users can search for a specific MSN and create custom alerts to track changes to the status of that aircraft.  The tool supports four categories of alerts (days since last flight, incidents, aircraft storage locations, and restricted countries).

Days Since Last Flight

Users can track how long aircraft have remained on the ground, simply by specifying a custom time interval between flights.  Fleet utilization rates were lowered by the COVID-19 pandemic; this has posed challenges to users wishing to determine whether an aircraft is actively operating.  Many aircraft are classified in a technical sense, but have recently operate many fewer flights than normal.  mba responded to client demand with the Asset Tracking tool helping to cut through this ambiguity.


If tracked aircraft are involved in accidents or other safety incidents, users need to know as soon as possible.  REDBOOK alerts generate automatically whenever aircraft are involved in registered incidents.

Aircraft Storage Locations

REDBOOK monitors tracked aircraft and will send users alerts if the aircraft lands at a known storage facility like Victorville, Goodyear, Mojave, etc.  This helps users to spot aircraft entering short- or long-term storage, well before other data sources will provide this information.

Restricted Countries

Custom alerts notify users whenever their tracked aircraft land in specific geographies.  This helps users to stay informed if their aircraft land in restricted jurisdictions (e.g. Ukraine, Iran, or North Korea) or if the aircraft may have entered into subleasing arrangements outside of the original zone of operation.

Fleet Database

Fleet Database

Fleet offers a powerful solution to companies who rely on insight into the global fleet of aircraft for daily operations.

46,000 +

Aircraft Fleets

14,000 +

Air Fleet Orders

Backed by mba’s decades of experience in the aviation industry, Fleet sets the standard for a reliable, cost-effective aircraft fleet data platform. The powerful tool contains reliable operator, owner, utilization, values, and transaction history data for the entire global fleet of commercial aircraft.

Personalize Your Fleet Data

Customize your experience by saving individual or grouped aircraft for future reference. Utilize the pivot table feature to further customize our aircraft fleet data and develop appropriate reports. Export all relevant data to an Excel or CSV file.

Track Historical Orders

Access lease order transactions from aircraft manufacturers dating back to 1955. Organize data by MSN, operator, transaction date, and more.

Collaborate with Other Users

Sharing buttons facilitate easier collaboration among colleagues. Users can build custom reports, save their preferred data table configurations and filters, and pass these views to their team members.  These saved pivot views may be reloaded and compared.

Access mba’s Values Data

Users can access base and market values for each aircraft at full- and half-life without needing to leave the Fleet portal. Links to other parts of REDBOOK provide users with one-click access to the full values profile of each aircraft of interest.

Markets & Trends

Markets & Trends

REDBOOK’s Markets & Trends module gives aircraft investors a powerful tool to track the values of assets over time.  Gain insight on market dynamics by mapping out an aircraft model’s market or base value history. Compare multiple aircraft to each other and tie in commonly-referenced economic indicators to add nuance to your analysis.

Track Values

Access mba’s historical, market and base values going back to the 1990s for all aircraft types.  Add LIBOR, Oil, nine major currencies, or the gross domestic product (GDP) of eleven major countries to understand how economic trends have moved in connection with asset values. Expand or contract the timeline to highlight specific time periods of interest.


Download and print options make it easy for users to capture important data for presentations and internal analysis. Print directly from the REDBOOK platform or download the graph as a PNG, JPEG, PDF or SVG file.

MX4 Maintenance Forecasting

MX4 Maintenance Forecasting

mba designed MX4 to support financial institutions, airlines, aircraft lessors, and other clients in the aviation industry in gaining an in-depth understanding of cashflows associated with maintenance reserves or end-of-lease compensation by detailing all inflows, outflows, and maintenance events over the projection period.


MX4 allows users to quickly model an aircraft’s maintenance costs and schedule in order to evaluate the long-term relationship between maintenance and aircraft fleet values. Subscribers can model future maintenance expenses for airframes, complete engines, and life-limited parts. With MX4, users are better able to anticipate cashflows and maintenance events that will occur throughout the life of an aircraft.

MX4 allows users to quickly model an aircraft’s maintenance costs and schedule in order to evaluate the long-term relationship between maintenance costs, reserve balances, and aircraft adjusted values. The tool includes built-in functions to leverage mba’s technical and valuations knowledge to include preset figures:

  • Cost escalation
  • Reserve escalation
  • Cost assumptions
  • Maintenance intervals

Graphs and Visualizations

MX4 provides graphs and data visualizations to support the user’s business case.  REDBOOK subscriptions include unlimited downloads to that users can easily export data for off-platform analysis. MX4 integrates data from the Fleet to incorporate accurate, timely fleet information.

Airline / Lessor Profiles

Airline / Lessor Profiles

REDBOOK users can access dashboards that provide a practical summary of an airline’s operational details and financial information.  The high-level view of each airline’s fleet includes filters for model, series, status, etc.

  • Parent entities, subsidiaries, and related organizations
  • Relationships with aircraft lessors
  • Recent news stories
  • Credit reports

  • Financial Statements
  • Incidents and accidents
  • Route maps
  • Historical fleet summaries

API / Data Rooms

API / Data Rooms

REDBOOK is built on a set of RESTful APIs (Application Programming Interface) with solid authentication that can provide you with a unique key to access our data.  This allows you to seamlessly integrate mba’s aircraft values and fleet intelligence data directly into your own system.  We tailor each API to the client’s unique needs and ensure the compatibility of both our systems.