mba Takes a Look at the Impact of Slot Waivers for the Airline and Airport Networks around the Globe

Airlines and Airports across the world have planned for over 63m departures during Summer 2020. It is still unknown how many of those flights will take place.  38.5% of these departures are planned to occur at IATA Level 3 airports, where the infrastructure capacity does not meet demand.

At Level 3 Airports airlines are entitled to retain slots for the next equivalent season if they operate at least 80% of the time during the period for which they are allocated.  With the demand decline and airlines essentially grounding, slot waivers are critical for both airlines and airports.  Not only does it allow airlines to retain their slots, it dramatically decreases the number of flights flown empty unnecessarily and ensures that the integrity of carefully constructed networks by airlines and airports will remain in tact for the future.



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