Mr. Robert F. Agnew

President & CEO

Mr. Agnew brings 30 years of experience in aviation and management consulting to his role as CEO of mba, and is one of only a dozen ISTAT Certified Senior Appraisers in the world.

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Mr. David Tokoph

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Tokoph, Chief Operating Officer, joined mba in 2011, and has been vital in the firm’s growing valuation and asset management practices. His role is to oversee all of mba’s product offerings

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Mr. Jacob Agnew

Managing Director

Mr. Jacob Agnew is the Managing Director for mba’s information and technical services. In this capacity, Mr. Agnew is responsible for the creation, development and management

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Mr. Marc Wilson

Technical Manager - Europe

Mr. Wilson’s extensive background in technical management and engineering for airlines and aircraft manufacturers has served him well in his position as Technical manager.

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Ms. Sherry Brooks

Vice President – IOSA Program

Ms. Brooks’ extensive background in aviation safety and quality serves her well as Vice President IOSA Program at Morten Beyer & Agnew. Ms. Brooks is responsible for the management,

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Ms. Lindsey Webster

Vice President – Asset Valuations

Lindsey Webster is the Vice President of mba’s Asset Valuations Group. In this role, Ms. Webster is responsible for preparing aircraft, helicopter and engine appraisals, performing …

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Ms. Anne Correa

Director – Airline & Airport Services

Anne Agnew Correa is the Director of Airline & Airport Services. Ms. Correa is responsible for developing and valuing strategic business cases…

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Mr. Anthony Chica

Director - Quality, IOSA Program

Anthony Chica, Director Quality of the IOSA Program, joined mba in 2018.  In his role as Director Quality Mr. Chica is responsible for the Quality Control and Quality Assurance of the IOSA Program.

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Ms. Kathryn Peters

Director – Forecasting & Modeling

Kathryn Peters is the Director of Business Valuation and Economic Analysis at mba. Ms. Peters is responsible for managing the wide scope of projects executed by the group, whose clients are airlines

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