Ms. Lindsey Webster


Lindsey Webster is the Vice President of mba’s Asset Valuations Group. In this role, Ms. Webster is responsible for preparing aircraft, helicopter and engine appraisals, performing market research and analysis, modeling value trends, and determining future values and economic lives. During her time at mba, she has performed various types of appraisals, including Maintenance Adjusted, Lease Encumbered, and Full Appraisals on over 2,000 aircraft, including narrowbody, widebody, regional, turboprop and business aircraft in addition to medium-lift helicopters. Ms. Webster, as an ISTAT Certified Appraiser, leads the Asset Valuations Group in determining quarterly aircraft value updates for the firm and manages mba’s online valuation tool REDBOOK. As a part of her role with mba, she has prepared market studies and forecasts for clients, specifically analysis of narrowbody and widebody global fleets by region, airline order books, aircraft leases, engine residual and part-out value market studies, maintenance modeling, and forecasting of residual value curves. She is also actively involved the expansion of mba’s helicopter valuation department. Ms. Webster is an ISTAT Certified Appraiser.

Ms. Webster began her career in aviation in ground operations with Air Wisconsin. Prior to joining mba she worked as an analyst in Credit Derivatives at Lehman Brothers and in Sales with the Ritz-Carlton. Ms. Webster received a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Insurance from Northeastern University.

Speaking Engagements:

Macro Economics Outlook and the Outlook for the Aviation Sector – ISTAT Americas 2019

Lindsey Webster, Morten Beyer & Agnew


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