Ishka World Tour – Ms. Anne Agnew Correa

Washington, D.C., October 23, 2020 – Ms. Anne Agnew Correa – Vice President Forecasting & Modeling, will be a Panel Speaker for Ishka World Tour: Virtual Aviation Finance Networking Series.  Ms. Correa will be contributing her knowledge on Intangible Assets to the virtual event at 13:15 BST. Please follow the link to attend:

Airline Economics – Featuring Our Very Own Lindsey Webster

Washington, D.C., August 6, 2020 – mba Aviation is pleased to announce that Ms. Lindsey Webster, Vice President – Asset Valuations, has been announced as one of Airline Economic’s Top 40 under 40 for 2020! Read More:

mba Aviation Launches Upgrades to its Aircraft Database

Washington, D.C., May 13, 2020 – mba Aviation today unveiled significant enhancements to its REDBOOK aviation intelligence database.  It has given REDBOOK clients (STAR Fleet subscribers and specified trial account users) timely access to crucial aircraft disposition data: data points regarding last flight details that are essential to the sector.

“Operating Lessors, finance groups, and aircraft investors at all tiers need to know first-and-foremost the status of their assets,” shared Ryan Cross, mba’s Market Intelligence & Innovation Analyst.  “The industry needs to know: where are my aircraft?  When did they last move?  mba Aviation is supplying this updated information at a decisive planning point for many organizations.  This access was shared to the entire platform today and has received a massively positive response.”

mba’s STAR Fleet database provides users with invaluable aircraft fleet data.  The powerful tool contains reliable operator, owner, utilization and transaction history data for the current global fleet of over 45,000 aircraft.

Since REDBOOK users frequently share data with colleagues, new collaboration tools will support this process. Users can build custom reports, save their preferred data table configurations and filters, and pass these views to colleagues.  New sharing buttons facilitate easier collaboration among team- members. These saved pivot views may be reloaded and compared. Furthermore, getting MSN-specific aircraft values has never been faster with their inclusion directly in the STAR Fleet database.

Furthermore, because the COVID-19 pandemic has forced airlines to park thousands of aircraft, REDBOOK users requested deeper insight on these assets.  mba’s data team added a “last flight status” field to STAR Fleet to offer more detail on these recently-parked aircraft.

Jacob Agnew, mba’s Managing Director of Market Intelligence and Innovation, stated that “mba stands ready to meet the unprecedented demand for data from industry stakeholders who require reliable information about the global fleet of commercial aircraft.  STAR Fleet’s new functions support their data collection and analysis process, with user-friendly enhancements to our platform’s interface.”

The mba team is ready to provide trial subscriptions to REDBOOK to all qualified aviation industry personnel.  Trials may be requested at

Morten Beyer & Agnew Rebrands as mba Aviation

Washington, D.C., January 15, 2019 – Morten Beyer and Agnew, a leading advisor in the aviation industry, today announced the business’ rebrand to mba aviation.  The rebrand reinforces the comprehensive focus on all aspects of the sector.  From valuations to technical advisory, market intelligence to aviation safety auditing, mba aviation has established itself over its 25+ year history as a trusted advisor to airlines, financial institutions and lessors.

“mba aviation’s brand has always been built on quality and expertise,” said David Tokoph, President and CEO.  “Our new modern identity celebrates our growth, reinforces our experience, and ushers us into the next decade and beyond.”

Also being announced today is the company’s new airline profile module on its REDBOOK data platform, expanding its complementary services which bring value to its airline, financial institution and lessor clients.

mba Aviation Launches Airline Profile Module

Washington, D.C., January 15, 2019 – mba Aviation, a global aviation consulting firm with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, today debuted an airline profile tool within the REDBOOK aviation intelligence database.  REDBOOK subscribers can now access dashboards that aggregate a range of data about an airline’s in-service aircraft fleet, operational activities, flight routes, and financial position.

Each profile presents a clear summary of the operator’s legal details like its parent entities, subsidiaries, and related organizations.  Synopses of recent news stories, credit reports, and simplified financial statements add context to the operator’s story.  Dynamic charts recap the operator’s fleet growth over time and its active relationships with aircraft lessors that own portions of its fleet.

Using financial details curated by the mba team, users can explore an operator’s risk profile and value its business.  Financials for 100+ major operators are now available within REDBOOK.

David Tokoph, mba aviation’s President and CEO, stated that “This new tool pulls together critical airline information, enabling a wide range of analysis all in one place.”

REDBOOK provides mba’s clients with industry-trusted aircraft values data produced by its ISTAT-certified appraisal team.  The platform also offers a fleet database covering 45,000+ active and historic aircraft and a powerful maintenance forecasting tool used to map out the complete nose-to-tail maintenance costs expected through an aircraft’s lifespan.

mba Announces Launch of Aircraft Maintenance Forecasting & Analytics Tools

Washington, D.C., September 10, 2019 – Morten Beyer & Agnew (“mba”), a global aviation consulting firm with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, announced the release of an aircraft maintenance forecasting and analytics program, MX4 – Maintenance Forecasting, available within the REDBOOK aviation intelligence database. mba designed MX4 to support financial institutions, airlines, aircraft lessors, and other clients in the aviation industry in gaining an in-depth understanding of cashflows associated with maintenance reserves or end-of-lease compensation by detailing all inflows, outflows, and maintenance events over the projection period.

David Tokoph, mba’s President and CEO, stated that “MX4 puts the tools for analyzing maintenance cashflows at the user’s fingertips allowing for a detailed view at any stage of a transaction.”

He added that “MX4 allows users to quickly model an aircraft’s maintenance costs and schedule in order to evaluate the long-term relationship between maintenance and aircraft fleet values.  REDBOOK subscribers can model future maintenance expenses for airframes, complete engines, and life-limited parts. With MX4, users are better able to anticipate cashflows and maintenance events which will occur throughout the life of an aircraft.”

MX4 provides graphs and data visualizations to support the user’s business case.  REDBOOK subscriptions include unlimited downloads to that users can easily export data for off-platform analysis.

MX4 integrates data from with REDBOOK’s STAR (System Tracking Aircraft Repository) Fleet database that encompasses 44,000+ airplanes. Subscribers can retrieve accurate, timely fleet information from STAR Fleet to make data-driven investment decisions.