Asset Tracking

REDBOOK empowers users to keep a closer watch on their aircraft of interest.  Users can search for a specific MSN and create custom alerts to track changes to the status of that aircraft.  The tool supports four categories of alerts (days since last flight, incidents, aircraft storage locations, and restricted countries).

Days Since Last Flight

Users can track how long aircraft have remained on the ground, simply by specifying a custom time interval between flights.  Fleet utilization rates were lowered by the COVID-19 pandemic; this has posed challenges to users wishing to determine whether an aircraft is actively operating.  Many aircraft are classified in a technical sense, but have recently operate many fewer flights than normal.  mba responded to client demand with the Asset Tracking tool helping to cut through this ambiguity.


If tracked aircraft are involved in accidents or other safety incidents, users need to know as soon as possible.  REDBOOK alerts generate automatically whenever aircraft are involved in registered incidents.

Aircraft Storage Locations

REDBOOK monitors tracked aircraft and will send users alerts if the aircraft lands at a known storage facility like Victorville, Goodyear, Mojave, etc.  This helps users to spot aircraft entering short- or long-term storage, well before other data sources will provide this information.

Restricted Countries

Custom alerts notify users whenever their tracked aircraft land in specific geographies.  This helps users to stay informed if their aircraft land in restricted jurisdictions (e.g. Ukraine, Iran, or North Korea) or if the aircraft may have entered into subleasing arrangements outside of the original zone of operation.