Commercial Aircraft Values

The bread and butter of our entire REDBOOK platform: aircraft values updated quarterly.

Trusted Values

Access current market, base and future values at half-life, full-life and in a soft market for over 120 aircraft models.  View lease rates, historical values, and adjusted values according to aircraft characteristics and modifiers. All of our values are based on standard engine type and MTOW, but users can customize inflation rate and build years. Subscribers can also utilize the REDBOOK Future Values Calculator to view more customized values. All of this valuable data can be easily imported, graphed & compared with other aircraft in order to make investment decisions easier.

News & Related Data

Each aircraft model has a unique page filled with valuable information. Find out relevant news, statistics and information about each aircraft type. mba also provides a proprietary ranking, explaining the tradability of the aircraft. The ranking takes into account several categories rated on a scale out of 10.


All aircraft have a detailed statistics section. This module gives geographical mapping of aircraft & operators showing which regions of the world are currently servicing a particular model. Users get access to an overview of fleet statistics as well as aircraft count by engine type. View graphical data for orders & deliveries as well as value history. Utilize graphical comparison tools to properly understand the value of your asset.

Advanced Search

Searching for assets is easy with REDBOOK’s advanced search capabilities. Subscribers are able to search by MSN, manufacturer or image. REDBOOK’s static search bar also allows users to search for assets from any page within the platform.