Mr. David Archer

Director | Asset Valuations – Europe

David Archer is the Director of Asset Valuation – Europe for mba’s Asset Valuations Group based out of our London office. In this role, Mr. Archer helps to lead a team of ISTAT Certified Appraisers in valuing commercial, freight, and business aircraft in addition to spare parts, engines, and helicopters.

Mr. Archer is heavily involved in research and analysis and assists mba in modeling value trends and forecasting asset residual values and economic lives for over 120 aircraft and 75 engine types. He has significant experience in the engine leasing and trading markets and has assisted clients in producing industry reports, detailed market analysis and in presenting material to aviation investor groups as well as supporting a large proportion of the engine ABS market.

Mr. Archer has spoken at numerous industry events and produced market webinars viewed by thousands from the leasing community.

Before joining MBA in June 2023 Mr. Archer began his career at GE Aviation Aircraft Engine Services then joining the consultancy IBA as an analyst. At IBA Mr. Archer progressed to manage the engine, parts, general aviation and helicopter divisions within the appraisal department. Mr. Archer is an ISTAT Certified Appraiser with a BEng in Aviation Engineering and an MSc in Engineer Management.